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2023 Mayor Candidate

Brandon GLIKAS

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Winslow School #1
Winslow School #5
Winslow Twp. Middle School
Winslow Twp. High School (Class of 2010)
Camden County College (A.S Business Administration)
Rowan University (B.S Business Management)

Winslow Twp. Ward 1 Township Committee November 2021-Current:
Member of Ad-Hoc Green Committee
Director of South County Branch Library

Reason for Running: Recognizing Winslow Township needs new leadership to stop corruptive practices, protect our environment, provide better tax allocation, and providing support for our school district.

Message from Brandon Glikas:


As a long-term resident of Winslow Township I understand the dynamics, concerns, and issues facing our community. Leaving no voice unheard is paramount for myself and this campaign! The most important thing is to always listen and be attentive to the residents of our town. 

  •  Never forget and always remember our Veterans (we have over 2,000 Veterans who reside here in Winslow Township

  • Continue to advocate for appropriate tax re-allocation for all sections of Winslow Township

Vision for Winslow Twp.

• Open Door Policy

• Support our First Responders (Winslow Twp. Police, Fire, and EMS)

• Support our Winslow Twp. Municipal Employees

• Preserve Pinelands, Farms, and Landscape  of Winslow

• Expand Road Resurfacing throughout Winslow

• Increase Communication and Improve Transparency between Township Committee and Residents

• Prevent Overdevelopment of Residential Housing

• Promote Commercial Business Expansion

• End Corruptive Practices by Putting Residents over Special Interests

• Encourage Resident Participation

• Promote Small Business Initiatives

• Improve Local Non-Profit Networking

• Increase Involvement with School District

END Corruptive Practices: Go to Corruption Page for more information

Over 200 signs stolen and countless signs destroyed all across Winslow Township on (58 sq. mi) 

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