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Municipal Clerk

The Municipal Clerk is the oldest of public servants in local government, along with the Tax Collector.  The profession traces back before Biblical times. The Municipal Clerk is the hub of government, being a link between the community and the Township. 

The Office of the Municipal Clerk has many statutory duties, which includes Secretary to the Governing Body, Chief Administrative Officer of all local elections.  Chief Registrar of Voters and the Custodian of Records.  The Municipal Clerk is also the custodian of the Official Township Seal.

Duties of the Municipal Clerk

Secretary to the Governing Body, the Office of the Municipal Clerk maintains all records with regards to local Ordinances, Resolutions, and public proceedings. The Municipal Clerk attends all Governing Body meetings, prepares the agendas and records the minutes for those meetings, processes records and files Ordinances and Resolutions and other official documents. Serving as Township’s Election Official, the Municipal Clerk serves as the Registrar of Voters, accepts petitions for vacancies in local elected offices, provides materials for local and school board elections, issues absentee ballot applications,  issues change of party affiliation, selects polling locations and maintains custody of elections results.

Additional Services of the Municipal Clerk’s Office

The Municipal Clerk also provides for the issuance of various licenses and permits, as well as transfer, amendments and renewals for all liquor licenses.

As the Official Custodian of all Township records and documents, the Municipal Clerk is responsible for all Open Public Records Applications (OPRA).  The Clerk’s Office is a major source of information for our residents and as such, all open public records request are accepted through this office.

The Township Clerk’s Office also provides the following services

1. All licensing, such as Kennel licenses, Dog and Cat licenses, Bingo and Raffle licenses, Business licenses, Peddler and Solicitors licenses, Alarm permits, Pawn Broker licenses, Shooting Galleries & Range Licenses, Yard Sale permits, Vacant Property registration, Taxicab licenses, Limousine licenses, Park & Field applications, Clothing Bin registration, and Building Use applications to qualified groups

2. Liquor license renewals, contingent upon approval of the Governing Body

3. Annual Rabies Clinic for dogs and cats


4. The Clerk’s Office maintains Performance Bonds and Maintenance Bonds for developments within the Township.

5. Celebrations of Events:

        I. Easter Egg Hunt
        II. Memorial Day
        III. Joint Halloween Festival/Fire Prevention
        IV. Veterans Day
         V. Tree Lighting


6. Notary Service

7. Sale of Township Maps

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