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2023 Ward 4 Candidate

Kaylee POU

Pou-Web (No DIsclaimer).jpg

Winslow School #3 and #4
Winslow School #6
Winslow Twp. Middle School
Winslow Twp. High School
Stockton University

Girl Scout Gold Award (Highest Achievable Award) 

High School Student Government Association (SGA Class Officer)

Message from Kaylee Pou

I've made the decision to run for Winslow Township Committee to affect a better change for future generations. While attending the Winslow Township School District, I've always tried to better the situation I've been in. Learning leadership traits in JROTC and being a High School Student Government Representative allowed me to be a voice for my peers and I can be the same voice for our community. A handful of elected officials have been on the Township Committee for 10 plus years. Many of the elected individuals have seemed to lose focus on what is best for the residents of Winslow Township. Electing a new generational voice with a fresh perspective, would allow for the positive change Winslow Township needs.

Vision for Winslow Twp.

• Support our First Responders (Winslow Twp. Police, Fire, and EMS)

• Support our Winslow Twp. Municipal Employees

• Preserve Pinelands, Farms, and Landscape of Winslow

• Expand Road Resurfacing throughout Winslow

• Increase Communication and Improve Transparency between Township Committee and Residents

• Prevent Overdevelopment of Residential Housing

• Promote Commercial Business Expansion

• End Corruptive Practices by Putting Residents over Special Interests

• Encourage Resident Participation

• Promote Small Business Initiatives

• Improve Local Non-Profit Networking

• Increase Involvement with School District

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