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2023 Ward 1 Candidate

Vincent BORRELLI Jr.

President of Winslow Township Lions Club
Project Manager of Family Construction Business

Scout BSA Eagle Scout (Highest Rank Achievable)
- Champion a tax freeze for Winslow residents
- Advocate for appropriate tax re-allocation for Ward 1 to ensure residents are recipients of our Township services 
- FIGHT to continue to IMPROVE our Ward 1 roads 
- Stand up for Winslow families 

Reasons for Running: Wants to give Ward 1 representation that shares the values and concerns of everyday residents. 

Message from Vincent Borrelli Jr:

As a long-term resident of Winslow Township I recognize positive change needs to happen. Being a long-term resident of Ward 1, I understand what it feels like to have our side of Winslow forgotten about. So I made the decision to stand-up and fight for this side of Winslow. I believe taxes should be re-allocated across all of Winslow Township, regardless of where you live! Real change will only begin with new leadership! 

Vision for Winslow Twp.

• Support our First Responders (Winslow Twp. Police, Fire, and EMS)

• Support our Winslow Twp. Municipal Employees

• Preserve Pinelands, Farms, and Landscape  of Winslow

• Expand Road Resurfacing throughout Winslow

• Increase Communication and Improve Transparency between Township Committee and Residents

• Prevent Overdevelopment of Residential Housing

• Promote Commercial Business Expansion

• End Corruptive Practices by Putting Residents over Special Interests

• Encourage Resident Participation

• Promote Small Business Initiatives

• Improve Local Non-Profit Networking

• Increase Involvement with School District

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